This site has been developed as a place for my “musings” from a passage, or passages, from my morning devotional readings. Usually as I read, there is something that flips a switch, and makes me start thinking. These devotional thoughts are not planned, I don’t know what I am going to write about when I get up in the mornings. I don’t do drafts, and then spend a lot of time editing and correcting. It is obvious that my grammar is atrocious, that my sentence structure is not real good. What you will generally find is a story; a story about my life, a movie, book, current event — a passage will be tied to the story — and then an application for each of our lives, I hope that this site is a blessing for you.


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A Review of the “Christian Standard Bible”

There it was, bigger than Dallas, an ad on Facebook offering a free copy of the Christian Standard Bible from Holman Publishing Company.  My wife would be the first to tell you, that I really don’t need another Bible; but I didn’t have a print version of the CSB, so I went ahead and sent … Continue reading A Review of the “Christian Standard Bible”

“A Case of the WANTS”

Our society is challenged by “things”!  Culture has made most people develop a really bad case of the “wants”.  Everyone is chasing the American dream — I want to make it big, so I can have everything I want.  Lotteries, casinos, multi-level marketing, all kind of treasure hunts on television, and a multitude of other … Continue reading “A Case of the WANTS”

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