This site has been developed as a place for my “musings” from a passage, or passages, from my morning devotional readings. Usually as I read, there is something that flips a switch, and makes me start thinking. These devotional thoughts are not planned, I don’t know what I am going to write about when I get up in the mornings. I don’t do drafts, and then spend a lot of time editing and correcting. It is obvious that my grammar is atrocious, that my sentence structure is not real good. What you will generally find is a story; a story about my life, a movie, book, current event — a passage will be tied to the story — and then an application for each of our lives, I hope that this site is a blessing for you.

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“Paul’s Prayer … and Me”

God has been really good to me, blessing me more than I could ever deserve.  Over the last 45 years, I have preached full-time for 18 years, and part-time for 21.  In the 18 years of full-time preaching, I have preached for 5 churches:  Cedar Grove church of Christ in Rogersville, Alabama; Huntsville church of … Continue reading “Paul’s Prayer … and Me”

“I Can Do All Things … What?”

For those of you that don’t know, I just looked, and the jackpot for the Powerball lottery is $430,000,000.00 tonight.  That could increase during the day, as more and more people purchase tickets.  What would you do with that much money?  Have you ever thought about it? I’m sure that the millions of people that … Continue reading “I Can Do All Things … What?”

“Joy in the Church?”

Several years ago, an acquaintance of mine was hired to be the preacher for a church with a reputation for firing their preacher.  In the process of hiring him, they had discussed this reputation, and he was convinced that there were lots of misunderstandings; and that they really wanted to change that reputation.  After he … Continue reading “Joy in the Church?”

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